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My Big Job in Bangkok started this afternoon; to my immense relief it was fun and glamorous and nobody seemed to think I was inept. Hooray! Today I met the crew, who are French, Scottish, American, Italian, Chinese, and Thai; I tried on my ("unbelievable") custom-made red silk trapeze dress; and I saw the studio with the ceiling harness from which I will dangle tomorrow ("Your body double cried when we strapped her into it"), and optimistically determined that it's nothing I can't handle.

A casting director escorted me to the studio this afternoon, a taxi ride of more than an hour. Fluent in English and totally game, Auan submitted herself to a thorough grillin' on the subject of Thailand.

First question: Why is everybody wearing yellow shirts? (Note: like a silly bitch, I forgot my camera when I went to the studio today, so I collected all this photographic evidence on a quick mission to the mall next to my hotel. Those aren't all employees of the same store. Everybody, from street vendors to taxi drivers to strolling moms and children, is wearing a yellow shirt today.)

Aun: "Well, the King was born on a Monday, so we wear yellow shirts every week to honor his birthday."
Me: "Hey, that's a pretty good idea. I'm going to start that trend up in America for the weekday of my birth. Get everybody to start wearing pink every Sunday."
Aun: "You were born on a Sunday? Then it would have to be red. A different color corresponds to every weekday: Red for Sunday. Yellow for Monday. Pink for Tuesday. Green for Wednesday. Orange for Thursday. Blue for Friday. Purple for Saturday."
Me: "Is that a Buddhist thing or a Thai thing?"
Aun: I guess it's Thai...wait...you don't have that in America?"

Note from the Amenities Guide in my hotel: "Never speak disrespectfully of the Royal Family; to do is a criminal act."

Anyway, here's the entry I wrote earlier today but didn't post because I hate making two entries in one day; non-Livejournal users never see the second one.

When I arrived in Bangkok yesterday, I admonished myself, "Don't eat a bunch of street meat; if you get sick and barf on your job and get fired, you're going to be sorry."

I walked about half a block away from my hotel and was forced to abort that plan. The streets are lined with food stalls- cut fruit, chicken satay, fried bananas, pad thai- and the air everywhere is filled with smells delicious enough to make a bitch swoon. I challenge anybody to come to Thailand and refrain from feasting.

Balls of ice cream on white bread? Don't mind if I do.

Ice cream sandwich with condensed milk on top, 10 baht=US$.29.

Steamed dumpling in banana leaf, 10 baht=US$.29.

I thought there would be meat inside, but it turned out to contain sweet glutinous rice with mashed taro. This dumpling is a contender for the world's all-time most delicious street meat.

Aun identified the green dice-shaped cakes as "pandan" (edit: thanks to everyone who corrected my spelling); apparently the green color comes from some kind of leaf. The one on the right is coconut and taro pudding pressed into a diamond-shaped orchid mold.

It's ridiculous what a good time I'm having so far. Of course, I haven't actually done any "work" yet. Still have two more hours until my fitting and dinner with the Actor. Going to go swimming.
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