Elyse Sewell (elysesewell) wrote,
Elyse Sewell

feeling kinda freaky and that's no lie

Infinite props to you, commenters. Not only did your juju magic help me repair my broken internet connection, but somebody actually found my lost coat! The Pope himself could not have engineered a a more miraculous miracle and I am elated.

Anyway, here's the entry I was about to post yesterday when my computer malfunctioned:

Do you ever feel tortured by internal conflict? Like there's a constant battle between light and darkness in your psyche? Like only one side of your consciousness is capable of action and the other half is just shrieking, "Folly! Folly!"? Like part of you is going, "Don't waste your money" and another part is whispering, "Buy some of those dried lizards. Do it. Do it!"

Honestly, I've already gotten my money's worth (HK$28=US$3.59) on the dried lizard deal. Look at how much fun we're having together! Best friends forever.

I got them at a medicine shop. Hoping they'll cure my gout and clap.

Kongers always dis fast-food restaurant Tsui Wah for being "so expensive." If by "expensive" you mean classy and delicious and doesn't taste like it was cooked in harbor water, I will gladly pay the extra HK$4.
HK-style french toast with margarine and treacle: HK$16=US$2.05

I finally tried a street sweet potato.

It was unutterably divine.

In other news, the pirated LOST DVD from China has yielded new pleasures. This is the weird editorial book report description on the back cover:

Oh, Hong Kong, I love you so.

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