Elyse Sewell (elysesewell) wrote,
Elyse Sewell

fuck a spring chicken

I just got this email from my boyfriend Marty:

"'The water boils the shan slice'. Holy shit, I truly AM rolling on the floor
laughing. Sometimes I don't think Esther knows how much joy she brings the
world. Curse those evil internet predators out there, scamming her for her
hard earned jewelry scrill."

He's talking about this comment from bskybsky, which promptly made me LOL and ROFL and LMAO, etc. Below, I have reposted Esther's comment in full so that she can bring joy into your world, too. (1 yuan = US$.12, so, Fuck a bullfrog will cost you about 11 bucks.)

Dear Elyse,

I just so tired for my Ebay business..a french gal bid 11 bracelets & necklaces, and bargain... I don't know what is she say, even I use altra visa to transfer to English.. God bless her & me! -_-"

I can't open my eyes then go to see yr journal, CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY... you are so beautiful..in the video.
For the bad guy who cheat me and net ppl money, I wrote a letter to a magazine complain about it, they reply and ask for more informations. All net fds are happy and support this.

I will be brave to face all problem.

the word they want to translate is dry (fried), but this word in other meaning is fuck...I don't think anyone will understand this menu.
bskybsky (Esther)

Thank you, bskybsky! You made my day.
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