August 20th, 2006

congee hanzi

Turn on Me

(Edit: I first posted this entry about a song called "Circus Walk," which has hence been renamed "Turn on Me."

Praise the lord! Even though last year he solemnly, sweatily swore he would never again set foot in Hong Kong during the excruciatingly hot and muggy month of August, my boyfriend is coming to visit me next week! We planned to meet up when I was still in France, but our plans fell through when his band, The Shins, decided to hire a professional record producer and spend the summer locked in a studio, recording their third album. They've been talking about and planning the album for months and months, but in July they bore down and started working on it twelve hours a day, every day. It was such a privilege and a pleasure to get calls from Marty each day and hear about the Shins' recording process, and I hope I can share some of the interesting shit with you without veering into boring-ass music journalism territory.

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PS I love you, boo.