Elyse Sewell (elysesewell) wrote,
Elyse Sewell

forest crunk

Black Forest Folk.

German highways don't just look immaculate when compared to the Bud can-strewn Adopt-a-Highways of the States and the styrofoam/cig butt/dead body/tea bottle graveyard roadsides of Asia, they are literally free of litter. I was looking. Not one piece of litter on the Schwarzwald Hauptstraße shoulders.

Souvenir plaques for your walkin' staff.

Conversational German Lesson
Letter slot: Briefschlitz
Boost wherein the booster interlaces his fingers into a stirrup for the boostee to step in: Räuberleiter ("thug ladder")
Woodruff: Waldmeister

All these pics are from yesterday; I'm already in Zürich with a shitload more and scarcely enough Computerzeit to blog 'em all out. Ach, du liebe Elyse! Here's my one Swiss pic pick: dinnertime beef tartare.
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