Elyse Sewell (elysesewell) wrote,
Elyse Sewell

forest crunk

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yay for shopping at Lidl *lol*
Einkaufswagen is the most fun word in the German language, which is completely full of fun [and often angry sounding] words.

Highschool was a daze of "I'd like to get into your einkaufswagen, if you know what I mean." "She really let me fill her einkaufswagen, if you get my drift."

Einkaufswagen means shopping cart.


June 14 2009, 16:53:01 UTC 8 years ago

since you are already in the neigborhoor - make sure to visit Lucerne as well!
Most beautiful city in Switzerland (no, i'm not biased ;))


June 14 2009, 17:30:59 UTC 8 years ago

get your ass down to slovenija. the food is waaaay better. and it's close to the croatian seaside!
Thank you for sharing the pictures from the highway. So scenic!
Das schoene Deutschland :)
ohhh American pop culture... you never limit your influence.


June 14 2009, 22:30:31 UTC 8 years ago

Hope you haven't planned for too much driving. Through Germany, Switzerland, Italy(?), Austria, Hungary, ..., and back?! To me it is a warning sign when I start humming Willie Nelson songs.

That looks beautiful, lucky. You speak Deutsch as well?


June 15 2009, 13:28:21 UTC 8 years ago

Is that the Heidelburg Castle? Such a gorgeous place, and I bought my favourite purse ever there.
it's so awesome to read these travel reports from germany.... my home country :)
I took first year German and third year Spanish at the same time, from the same teacher. I would sometimes slip and answer her German questions in Spanish and she would wack me on the head with a book (not hard, just to get my attention).

German was way harder than Spanish. der, die, das...ugh. And really long combined words.

She taught us to count to four with this:
eins, zwei, drei, fier
who's going to buy the beer

I have no idea if I've spelled those correctly.
Zurich is dope, yo!

Did you notice that the men are all prettier than the women there?
German can speak English? If they can't, Elyse's body language is so wonderful.
of course. children start to learn it when they're about 5 or 6 years. additionally, most schools offer french and spanish... along with latin. and I did them all... ihk.
zuppa inglese? as in english soup? did that taste like pea and ham or something?
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