Elyse Sewell (elysesewell) wrote,
Elyse Sewell

it was a strange lookin mountain

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Please tell me you bought that New Mexico shirt. Haha!
My god, look at the shadows on those things! Cakes for late in the day.
awww at the cabbie. just goes to show you that some people can really surprise you sometimes.
Stinky tofu is what occurs when you go to sleep without brushing your teeth, get up in the morning, scrape the plaque off your teeth and then save it for years until you have enough to make blocks to deepfry and eat.

I'm sorry, I've just never had "aromatic" and "good" stinky tofu.
yay for awesome cab drivers. I got stranded outside of Barcelona once and the cab driver saved us for free, too. He was one of the nicest people ever.

Deleted comment


8 years ago

Aw, were you able to give him a quick tip before he drove off? I mean I tend to tip anyway, even if they aren't being talkative but that's just me. However I'd definitely tip, though, if I had gotten that long ride for free. :]
Ugh, NO, I was so discombobulated by the closing ceremony that by the time it occurred to me, the driver was already puttering away and I was blinking on the sidewalk, my wallet in my hand, like a total jerk. And seriously that is a dirty shame, not only for the driver, but for me, because nothing gives me a sense of suave achievement like dispensing a rad tip at the right moment with no awkward balks/fumbles. So gangster.


8 years ago

The korean version of the 'oh yes' cakes:


Before I knew how to read Hangul I just called them Q cakes.
"You know that sweet things make smile.
We love to see you smile with your people.
So just taste this cake."
elyse, you are single-handedly responsible for my newfound interest in visiting this part of the world. i never thought of it as that beautiful or interesting until i started reading your picture posts.
Maybe the taxi driver thought you were on amazing race.

I love all the Engrish finds.
Elyse wants to be on the Amazing Race. It would be awesome.
florid piece of sweaty hag-gristle FTW! That's a beautiful turn of phrase, entirely worth of a Tom Robbin's award - if such a thing existed.
and I love you, too.
You make me so happy with these posts! :: bows to you ::
hehe the man in the picture at chiang kai-shek is making a great "i smell something nasty" face! :)

Calla Lilies


May 14 2009, 18:33:25 UTC 8 years ago

Are giving me a serious case of stamen envy.

BTW, I think your sunburn can be cured by judicious application of Enisimthent.

E Guapo

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