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Wow: Elyse in my town! I'll be watching the crowd today for a tall girl's head that sticks out - it's going to be yours!

10 useful hints for your Stay in ZH:

1. forgett the "Grüssgott" (and thelike)and stick to "Grüezi" and "hoi" (the Swiss and the Germans are not best friends at the moment ;-))

2. when in Zürich consider to get yourself THE Zürich-Bag:

3. eating out casually: http://www.les-halles.ch/pages/home.html

4. eating out... uhm... more expensively: http://www.blaue-ente.ch/

5. take the walk up the river "Limmat" and bring your bikini with you:

6. don't forget the lake: take the walk on the right side of the lake and have a drink in the "Rote Fabrik": http://www.rotefabrik.ch/de/home/

7. THE ultimate cult place in Züri (we say "Züri" for Zürich)- the Dada Bar: http://www.dadabar.ch/

8. for a marvelous lookout on a sunny Sunday afternoon: take the Üetlibergbahn (=Train)to the Hotel Utokulm (aka: Top of Zürich): http://www.utokulm.ch/

9. take a walk down the "Langstrasse", Zürich's red light district (nothing comparable to Amsterdam but still..): http://www.langstrasse.com/

10. have a drink and/or dinner at a former shipbuilding place now a theatre/restaurant/jazzbar: http://www.moods.ch/

did I forget anything importnant? anyone?

enjoy Züri and let us know how you liked it!

Welcome to my town too! If this rain ever stops, go eat some Rösti mit Eier in the mountains, like at Rigi or Pilatus. You won't be sorry.

Plus for cheap, but tasty eats try the lebanese grill plate at "der grüne Libanon" at Haferstrasse 7, behind the main train station. Especially good if you are sick of eating the only other cheap food in Zurich: brats and doner kebaps.

I love seeing your pics of my town. Happy travels.

- Tanya
the nun freaks me out. just saying.
Liebe Zeit, Elyse, you seem busy! It's amazing at what speed you make yourself through the depths of Europe!
You should come to fribourg then you can snap pics of monks. I swear I freak out every time I see them walking around.


June 14 2009, 10:25:15 UTC 7 years ago

Whee you're in Zürich? Cool. Gonna look out for you in the streets! Then scream "ELYYYYYYYSEEEE" like a moron and hunt you like a crazy estrogen controlled rockstar-groupie.

No don't worry, I won't! :-)
yay for shopping at Lidl *lol*
Einkaufswagen is the most fun word in the German language, which is completely full of fun [and often angry sounding] words.

Highschool was a daze of "I'd like to get into your einkaufswagen, if you know what I mean." "She really let me fill her einkaufswagen, if you get my drift."

Einkaufswagen means shopping cart.


June 14 2009, 16:53:01 UTC 7 years ago

since you are already in the neigborhoor - make sure to visit Lucerne as well!
Most beautiful city in Switzerland (no, i'm not biased ;))


June 14 2009, 17:30:59 UTC 7 years ago

get your ass down to slovenija. the food is waaaay better. and it's close to the croatian seaside!
Thank you for sharing the pictures from the highway. So scenic!
Das schoene Deutschland :)
ohhh American pop culture... you never limit your influence.


June 14 2009, 22:30:31 UTC 7 years ago

Hope you haven't planned for too much driving. Through Germany, Switzerland, Italy(?), Austria, Hungary, ..., and back?! To me it is a warning sign when I start humming Willie Nelson songs.

That looks beautiful, lucky. You speak Deutsch as well?


June 15 2009, 13:28:21 UTC 7 years ago

Is that the Heidelburg Castle? Such a gorgeous place, and I bought my favourite purse ever there.
it's so awesome to read these travel reports from germany.... my home country :)
I took first year German and third year Spanish at the same time, from the same teacher. I would sometimes slip and answer her German questions in Spanish and she would wack me on the head with a book (not hard, just to get my attention).

German was way harder than Spanish. der, die, das...ugh. And really long combined words.

She taught us to count to four with this:
eins, zwei, drei, fier
who's going to buy the beer

I have no idea if I've spelled those correctly.
Zurich is dope, yo!

Did you notice that the men are all prettier than the women there?
German can speak English? If they can't, Elyse's body language is so wonderful.
of course. children start to learn it when they're about 5 or 6 years. additionally, most schools offer french and spanish... along with latin. and I did them all... ihk.
zuppa inglese? as in english soup? did that taste like pea and ham or something?
I love how whacked-out Minnie Mouse is eating an Italian Rolling Stones popsicle. Were they selling those, or is this false advertisement?


June 22 2009, 03:15:00 UTC 7 years ago

I LOVE Heidelberg castle... and OH. MY. GAWD. Please tell me you tried the Waldmeister ice cream! I had some when visiting Rothenburg and it was divine... I still dream about it!
Räuber means robber, not necessarily thug.
OMG! My German fiance got me totally hooked on Waldmeister ice cream last year. I hope you had a similarly delicious experience.


July 2 2009, 03:01:24 UTC 7 years ago

Did you visit an Aldi? I swear that's one in the picture above (the grocery store). They look exactly the same here in Australia!
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