Elyse Sewell (elysesewell) wrote,
Elyse Sewell

it was a strange lookin mountain

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I love nice strangers!
I also wrote a short story in 7th grade about a magical land where callalillies were cow-a-lillies, which were actually surfing cow flowers that mooed.
Your story about the unmetered taxi brought a smile to my face.

But I have to ask: whatever do you use in a drink with antler liquor?
for your own sake, do NOT eat stinky tofu.

i seriously gag when i think about my (thankfully) one encounter. i had the taste in my mouth for days afterwards.
The new SFA album is great, isn't it? :)
was that supposed to be "Deer Beer"?
sounds like someone wasn't wearing panties in the cab. an old drag queen trick i know well.


May 16 2009, 20:41:10 UTC 8 years ago

hi elyse , how are you ?
do u still have job in hong kong ??
it seems u take less pic about yeself now .
i wanna see more of your pics !
anyway , i m stuyding in australia now ,dont hv the chance to read hong kong magazines.
i miss you so much !
just tosay hi to you :)
does anyone know what camera elyse uses?! elyse what camera do you use?! :)


June 5 2009, 21:54:03 UTC 8 years ago

An IXUS, as far as I remember. But: The camera is only a stupid technical instrument. Don't expect to take pictures as good as Elyse when you buy an Ixus.
i was just curious because i could see it was a small point and shoot.

i've been shooting photos for years, do it for a living in fact. a good photographer could use the crappiest camera in the world and still get great shots, in my opinion. it's not about the technical instrument. ;)

thanks for the reply!
hey, ur pic really make me to miss tw right now
cant wait to see stinky tofo, i miss it also, haa
So, it`s very funny , thx
oh my god!!!!
you went to yangmingshan lol my school is on yangmingshan... and for international award (this hiking expedition thing) we had to trot all over the mountain from Beitou etc... anyway

kinda sad that you were RIGHT HERE but I never saw you, although, you were traipsing around in a mountain so I guess the chances of me seeing you were probably around 0.00000001%

was just wondering, do you have a tumblr? because I would totally follow you, but.. meh.

i hope you try mah lah hot pot (the spicy hot pot with congealed duck blood) in addition to stinky toufu, because, that is THE BEST IN THE WORLD no joke.
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